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Batch Festival Of The Coconut Beers - 2022

Batch Festival Of The Coconut 4 Pack


The guys at Batch Brewing Co have developed a reputation for making amazing beers featuring coconut! This year they made 4 different beers for their annual "Festival Of The Coconut"

Pick up a 4 pack of these beers here:

Big Kahuna:

The one that started it all. After a visit to Hawaii, Batch founder Andrew wanted to recreate the amazing experience he had tasting the locally made coconut porter and the Big Kahuna was born. A smashable, yet interesting brown ale with the added flavour from the coconut made for a one-of-a-kind beer experience.

Huge Kahuna: 

Developed as a way to take the Big Kahuna to new heights, the Huge Kahuna does it's name justice. The alcohol has been stepped up, the flavours of the coconut are also complimented by cacao. This is a beautiful beast.

New in 2022:

Small Batch Coconut Oat Cream IPA

Created in the lab at Small Batch, this Oat Cream IPA is built on a base of 20% oats and double dry-hopped with Vic Secret, Citra and Sabrto at 12 g/l. In addition, Lactose, Vanilla & Coconut are added both in the boil and the fermenter.

Raspberry Crumble:

An American Wheat ale at heart, Raspberry crumble uses 40kg of the same raspberries that go into the Chapeau each year. A Biscuity base along with Lactose and Coconut added to the beer helps to recreate this wonderful dessert in liquid form!

Batch Festival Of The Coconut 4 Pack
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