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New US Shipment Arriving Late April - Check Out This List!

We are very excited about our next US shipment landing soon. Right now we don't know exact dates but we are thinking sometime in late April this will be arriving!

This list sure is impressive... 
Finback Rolling In Clouds Hazy IPA - 7.1% 473ml Can
Finback Cat Hand Hazy Double IPA - 9.0% 473ml Can
Finback Commune Hazy IPA - 6.5% 473ml Can
Wild Mind Ales Die Dreaming Smoothie Sour w/ orange, pineapple & lactose - 4.5% 473ml Can
Wild Mind Ales Hanai Ohana Smoothie Sour w/ Pineapple, orange, guava & lactose - 4.5% 473ml Can
Wild Mind Ales Static Spectrum Smoothing Sour w/ blackberry, banana & lactose - 4.5% 473ml Can
Energy City Bistro Cabana - Mango & Passionfruit Heavily fruited berliner weisse w/ mango & passionfruit - 6.5% 473ml Can
Energy City Bistro Ambrosia Heavily fruited berliner weisse w/ pineapple, tangerine, cherry, coconut & marshmallow - 6.5% 473ml Can
Energy City Bistro - Strawberry & Rhubarb Crumble Heavily fruited berliner weisse w/ strawberryrhubarb, cinnamon & brown sugar - 6.5% 473ml Can
Energy City Bistro - Grape PB&J Heavily fruited berliner weisse w/ concord grapes & peanut butter - 6.5% 473ml Can
Mortalis Hydra Frose Deuce (Kings Brewing Collab) Smoothie Sour w/ blackberry, apricot, sweet cherry, vanilla, cinnamon & graham crackers - 7.0% 473ml Can
Mortalis Hydra -Peach, Strawberry, Mango & Ice Cream Smoothing Sour w/ peach, mango, lactose free ice cream & coconut cream - 7.0% 473ml Can
Mortalis Hydra - Black Currant, Pineapple & mango Smoothie Sour w/ mangoes, black currants & pineapple - 7.0% 473ml Can
Mortalis Hydra Sandwich Smoothie Sour w/ blackberry, strawberry, raspberry together with peanut butter & marshmallows 7.0% 473ml Can
Mortalis Depths of Hydra (Homes Brewing Collab) Smoothie Sour w/ Passionfruit, peach, papaya, pineapple, pink guava, lime & coconut 473ml Can
Mortalis Tears Of The Goddess - Carrot Cake Carrot Cake inspired sour IPA - 7.0%

473ml Can

Mortalis Gemini - Pineapple, Plum, Crumble & Crepes Smoothie Sour w/ plum, pineapple, creme & vanilla crumble - 7.0% 473ml Can
Mortalis Hippogrif Smoothie Sour w/ passion fruit, orange, lime puree & marshamallows - 7.0% 473ml Can
Untitled Art Chocolate Coconut Candy Imperial Stout w/ chocolate, coconut & candy - 8.0% 355ml Can
Untitled Art Mexican Chocolate Pot De Creme (3 Sons Collab)
Imperial Stout w/ macadamia nuts, cocoa nibs, cinnamon, vanilla, sea salt, brownie batter, lactose & brown sugar - 11.0%
355ml Can
Untitled Art Doughnut
Doughnut style Imp. Stout - 8.0%
355ml Can
Humble Forager Fishing With Horus (Collab with Horus)
Imperial Stout with 1 ton of roasted hazelnuts & toasted. coconut b4 being doesd w/ BA maple syrup and mostra coffee - 13.0%
355ml Can
Parish Braincake
Hazy IIPA - 8.4%
473ml Can
Parish Ghost In The Machine
Hazy IIPA - 8.5%
355ml Bottle
Bottle Logic Brain Cloud
Hazy IPA - 7.5%
473ml Can
Bottle Logic Ocularity
IIPA - 8.5%
473ml can
Bottle Logic Study Break
Snickers bar-inspired milk stout w/lactose & caramel malts, then recirculated on cacao nibs and peanuts - 10.0%
473ml Can
Bottle Logic Krakatoa
Smoothie Sour w/ pineapple, marshmallow, madagascar vanilla & strawberry - 6.2
473ml Can
Bottle Logic Tropical Hideaway
Smoothie Sour w/ pineapple, marshmallows & Madagascar vanilla. It's 50% pineapple! - 5.6%
473ml Can
Bottle Logic Splashdown at Sunrise
Smoothie Sour w/ pineapple, passionfruit, orange & pink guava - 6.5%
473ml Can
Bottle Logic Thai Fighter
Golden Milk Stout w/ coconut, thai tea & lactose reminiscent of Thai Iced Tea - 8.5%
473ml Can
Bottle Logic Fuzzy Logic
Hazy IPA w/ white & yellow peaches - 7.1%
473ml Can