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Trappist Beers Part 2: "Trappist" vs. "Abbey"

Trappist beers and abbey beers can be very similar in taste, but what makes them different...

Trappist & Abbey Ales


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A "Trappist" beer is defined as a beer recognized by the International Trappist Association as an Authentic Trappist Product. It must adhere to specific guidelines set forth by the association including that the beer has to be produced within the walls of a monastery and overseen by monks. (see part 1 of our series)

An abbey beer is any beer that is produced in the style of Trappist beers but not necessarily produced by a monastery. An abbey beer can be produced by any brewery and the term “abbey” is just a reference to the fact that it should taste similar in style to Trappist beer styles such as dubbel, tripel and Belgian dark strong ale.

Think of the difference as similar to the Difference between sparkling wine and Champagne. Abbey beers are not considered lesser because they cannot be designated as “Trappist”, and many abbey beers are among the best in the world, however the Trappist designation assures the consumer they are buying a product which has been produced by a working monstery.


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